Create Birthstone Bouquets For A Gift To Mark A Milestone

Want to give a friend a special, handcrafted gift that you can make yourself affordably? Try creating a beautiful birthstone bouquet from a few fresh blooms from a florist like and some accents. The colors of your flowers should mimic the tones in the birthstone of the celebrant or celebration; for instance, those born in February are represented with a purple Amethyst stone, so purple irises and violets would be ideal flower choices. If your wedding is in March, opt for red bouquets to mimic garnet.

Try these tips to create a memorable and lovely birthstone bouquet for someone special:

The vessel

How you present your flowers can contribute to a cohesive arrangement that truly reflects the birthstone for the recipient. Look for intriguing and low-cost options from area florists, retailers, and even thrift stores.

Some ideas include:

  • Use the vessel to represent the month of April by using clear glass jars, vases, or bowls. Use a handful of marbles in the bottom to stabilize flowers, and to mimic the look of the birthstone for April, typically diamond or crystal.
  • If you are creating a birthstone bouquet for a June baby or wedding, replicate the look of pear with a white milk-glass vase or bowl. Use iridescent ribbon tied in a bow, and wired to a floral pick.
  • December birthday celebrants are typically given turquoise as their special stone, and this makes a great option for a vase or container. You can create your own turquoise effect by painting vessels black, allow to dry, and marble over the black with turquoise colored paint.

The flora

The flowers in a birthstone arrangement reflect the same hues and characteristics of the unofficial birthstone. Multicolored birthstones present an interesting opportunity to mix and match various types of blooms.

Try these combinations:

  • Those born in May are symbolized with green emeralds; mimic this green with a wide range of greenery, leaves, and even fresh herbs.
  • The rich red garnet creates drama and allure when symbolized with deep red roses for January birthday boys and girls. The lighter red hue of rubies are suited to vibrant red Gerber daisies for July-themed arrangements.
  • Use a beautiful potted Hyacinth in the lime green shades for someone who has a birthday in August. This will echo the peridot stone, often considered the birthstone for the month of August.

The accents

If mixing and matching flowers isn't feasible, create a birthstone bouquet through distinctive accents. Wired picks, ribbon, and trinkets can elevate a simple bouquet of farm-stand flowers into something amazing.

Some fun birthstone accents include:

  • Look for beautiful aqua-colored velvet ribbon for a rich, luxurious look for simple bouquets of daisies or baby's breath. This will coordinate with the aquamarine stone, often used to represent those born in the month of March.
  • Take small pieces of dark blue tulle and pull it together in the center, creating a small, navy cluster. Wrap with wire and secure to a floral pick to mix in with a few white roses. This is a perfect sapphire-inspired sentiment for those born in September.
  • Leopard-print designs are quite similar to the tones and flecks in topaz, which is often recognized as the birthstone for the month of November. Create full, wide ribbons with leopard fabric remnants, found in most arts and crafts stores.
  • Look for seashells in crafting stores that offer the iridescent shimmer details. This may reflect the same tones seen in opal, which is perfect for the month of June.

Make a simple bouquet of flowers into something thoughtful and meaningful. Try some of these tricks to make your own special birthstone bouquet for a birthday or bridal shower!