Five Gifts Your Boyfriend's Mom Will Love

Love her or hate her, chances are at some point in your relationship with her son, you are going to have to buy your boyfriend's mother a gift. Moreover, that gift has to be perfect. The wrong gift may have a far-reaching affect, both on your relationship with her, and with your beau. No one has more influence over your special guy than his Mama does, so it is important to choose well. Here are five great gift ideas guaranteed to get you in the good books.

  1. Coffee Table Book: Classic and beautiful, a lovely photo book is always a welcome gift. Try to purchase one that reflects her hobbies or interests. Think kittens playing for a cat lover; home and garden for the decorator; or great American trails for the hiker.
  2. Wind Chimes: There is no prettier noise than the tinkling of classic wind chimes. It adds romance to a garden and sweet whisperings to a front porch. You can find classic wind chimes for sale from many sources. You may want to choose this gift in person, as tones of wind chimes vary greatly and some are much more pleasant than others. As a bonus, every time the wind blows his entire family will think of you.
  3. Gift Cards: Giving these can be a bit tricky. You want to remain thoughtful, without getting too personal. Pass on the gas or discount department store cards and aim for a high-end beauty product store or a local salon.
  4. Earrings: Many women do not feel fully dressed without a great pair of earrings. If you have noticed that his mother usually has well-dressed ears, then earrings are a fabulous gift. Keep it classic though, perhaps some rhinestone studs or silver hoops. Costume jewelry and silver are fine; gold or platinum may make you look like a bit of a kiss-up.
  5. Home-baked Goodies: If you have talent in the kitchen, show it off. If your boyfriend's Mom is a health nut, bake her a batch of nutritious muffins wrapped in a lovely basket. If she has a sweet tooth, homemade fudge or cupcakes presented in a lovely box should put a smile on her face. Additionally, Mom just might start thinking of you as "wife" material, if she knows you can cook.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to impress your (possible) future mother in law, but you do have to make it thoughtful. Use these tips, go with your own instinct, or ask your own Mother for ideas. Make the right choice, and you just might make a friend for life.