Mixing Different Patio Furniture Styles To Create A Cohesive Look

When most people purchase patio furniture they look for a set. While there's nothing wrong with decorating your outdoor space with a matching set, there's no unspoken rule that states this is the only way you can do it. You can use a variety of different pieces and pull them all together to create one unique, but cohesive outdoor furniture design. 

Establish a Theme

The first thing you want to do is establish a theme. Tropical and Moroccan represent just two of the options you have to choose from. By establishing a theme, all your furniture pieces can blend together even if they don't necessarily match. 

Take a tropical theme for example. With this option, a chair covered with palm tree cushions and a plain wicker chair can coordinate well together because each piece has a tropical flair. Don't just limit this train of thought to your furniture selections. You can also keep the theme in mind when incorporating your décor accents and accessories.  

Focus on Material

Another way to pair patio furniture selections that don't necessarily match is to focus on the material. For instance, is the furniture metal, wicker, wood or some other material? Choosing pieces that are the same material often works well together. 

Even if the pieces have different shapes and designs, if they are the same material you can generally coordinate them. However, you do want to be careful with color. This is especially true when it comes to wood pieces. A bench made from oak and two chairs made from bamboo and cherry might clash. When choosing wood, try to go with the same wood type or stain. 

Colors and Patterns

When all else fails, you can coordinate patio furniture together based on colors and patterns. Even if the pieces aren't similar, a pattern or color in common can help unite them. For example, say you had a recliner with orange cushions and a love seat with yellow cushions. You could coordinate the two by adding an orange pillow to the yellow cushion or doing the opposite with the orange cushion. 

If the furniture has different patterns, you can use the same method to coordinate the pieces. If it's the actual furniture and not the cushions that vary in color or pattern, try to combine colors and patterns that complement one another. 

With a little creativity, you can coordinate your patio furniture pieces. In the end, you will have a stylish statement that's exclusive to your outdoor space.