How to Help Save a Dying Tree

Most people know how important it is to maintain their lawn's health, but they don't give a lot of thought to taking care of their trees. Because trees don't get attention, it can be easy for them to fall in to poor health. It's easy to assume that a dying tree can't be saved. But there are some things you can do to help! Here's a look at what to do to help a dying tree in your lawn.

Tip #1: Prune Back Dead Branches

Dead and decaying branches are a magnet for insects and disease. If your tree is already unhealthy, more pests will only magnify the problem. If your main goal is to save the tree, you really can't worry about aesthetics at this point. Prune the branches back to the healthy part, no matter how far it is. Just don't cut beyond the branch's "collar" (the large area where the branch meets the trunk). This could damage the trunk, which can affect the health of the whole tree. There are pruning paints available to conceal a cut, but those can damage or weaken the tree.

Tip #2: Make Sure the Soil is Loose

Especially if your tree is on a walking path, or its root system is covered with concrete pavers, it can be easy for the soil to become so compressed that the tree can't receive the nourishment it needs. Inspect the soil around the base of your tree, and try to dig some up with a trowel. If it's tough to dig up, and only comes up in large clumps, it's likely too hard. To remedy this, use a drill and auger to place holes about 12 inches deep all around the base. Fill those holes with tree fertilizer and water deeply. You want the water to seep all the way down, so don't fill it so quickly that the water just runs off.

Of course, even if you take these tips in to account, you still may end up needing a tree removed. Whether it's a tree that's in poor health, or a healthy tree that you just need to clear for space reasons, this isn't a job you should attempt on your own. Let the professionals handle it! A tree removal service like likely has years of experience with this situations just like yours, and knows how to make the job go as smoothly as possible.