Fun In The Sun: Four Tips To Pet-Proof Your Carpet This Summer

As temperatures soar, you probably find that your house is a large revolving door—especially if you have pets. The dog wants in and out, the cat comes and goes, and the children can't seem to make up their mind—everyone is constantly opening and closing the door.

Pets, specifically, can make your home incredibly dirty with the in and out parade. Dirt, dust, and water can wreak havoc on your carpeting. Fortunately, you can prevent—or at least limit—the damage by being proactive.

Here are four tips to protect your carpeting this summer from your beloved pets:

1. A Quick Wipe

If your pet spends any time outdoors, he will bring dirt inside. Fortunately, with some quick action, you can limit the dirt that is trapped in your carpet.

Act quickly when your pet comes indoors and wipe their paws. Although it won't get all of the dirt, it will remove most of it. If that sounds like too much work, use a heavy-duty and waterproof doormat and place it near the doorway. The mat won't remove dirt, but it will loosen most of it so that it falls away. Just make sure you have tile or linoleum flooring in the area to collect the dirt, and that your pet walks over it.

2. A Good Grooming

Pet hair seems to be everywhere in many homes, and it's difficult to remove. If it seems like your home is covered in pet hair during the warmer months, invest in a good grooming service. Although you should not remove all of your pet's fur, a quick trim will significantly reduce the amount of pet hair that gets stuck to your home. If you pet has long hair, you should also make sure you brush him daily, as this will remove most of the loose fur.

3. A Tip-Proof Bowl

The hot temperatures of the summer months make pets thirstier. Although you cannot entirely prevent sloppy drinkers from tracking water everywhere, you can limit it.

If your pet likes to play in the water dish—or is just too rambunctious—consider investing a tip-proof water bowl. You can also place the bowl on a mat or an area that is free from carpeting, to help minimize the mess.

4. A Dry Dog

Summer rain may bring relief from the scorching temperatures, but it can lead to an unpleasant "wet dog smell." If you find that your home wreaks of wet dog after a romp in the rain, make sure you dry your dog off after playing in the water.

Store a large towel near your door. When you come inside, wipe off your dog well. Make sure you wipe off their body, as well as their paws and tail. If the smell is still lingering around, use an air freshener spray to remove it.

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