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9 Tips For Maintaining Your Drapes

Posted By on Jun 24, 2015

When you hang your drapes, maintenance is a must. If you fail to maintain them, it could not only impact the drapes, but also the other furnishings in the room. Here are nine tips for helping you keep your drapes in top notch shape.  Shake your drapes nightly. During the day, dust settles on your drapes. Over the course of a few days, the dust builds up and becomes more difficult to remove. To help make it easier to keep the...

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If your wooden coffee table has a dull appearance and is suffering from some minor damage, learn how to restore it to its original condition. Once you have finished, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you will be proud to display in your home.  Use The Following Materials lint free cloths towel mild detergent water bucket sponge emery cloth gel stain polyurethane paintbrush drop cloth epoxy putty plastic scraper...

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