Learn How To Restore A Wooden Coffee Table That Has A Dull And Damaged Surface

If your wooden coffee table has a dull appearance and is suffering from some minor damage, learn how to restore it to its original condition. Once you have finished, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you will be proud to display in your home. 

Use The Following Materials

  • lint free cloths
  • towel
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • emery cloth
  • gel stain
  • polyurethane
  • paintbrush
  • drop cloth
  • epoxy putty
  • plastic scraper
  • wood cleaner

Clean The Table

Place a drop cloth underneath the table to collect spills while you are cleaning and making repairs. Add a cup of mild detergent to a bucket of warm water. Stir well. Dip a sponge into the cleaning solution and apply it to the table's surface to remove stains. After the table is clean, dry it off well with a towel.

Stubborn stains can be removed from the table's surface with an emery cloth. An emery cloth is a tool with sandpaper on one side and fabric on the other. Press the emery cloth down firmly and move it with the grain of the wood. Once all of the stains are removed, wipe away dust particles with a lint free cloth.

Repair Chips In The Wood

If small sections of wood are missing or damaged on the table's surface, they can be repaired with epoxy putty. Mold the putty with your fingertips and press it into the parts of the table that are damaged. Flatten the epoxy with a plastic scraper. The epoxy will take a few hours to dry. After this occurs, sand the repaired areas with an emery cloth until they are level with the rest of the surface. Wipe the table off with a clean cloth to remove residue that was left behind by the emery cloth.

Add Stain And Polyurethane

Stir gel stain that matches the original color of the table. Apply it to a lint-free cloth and rub it onto the table's surface. Move the cloth with the grain of the wood. Cover the trim and grooves in the wood with a thin paintbrush. Wait for the stain to dry. Add a coat of polyurethane to the table's surface with a cloth and paintbrush. Again, make sure that the polyurethane is being applied with the grain of the wood. After the surface has dried, the coffee table will have a brilliant shine and there will not be anymore signs of damage.

Maintain the table's appearance by regularly removing dust from its surface with a clean cloth. If visible stains are present, remove them with wood cleaner and a cloth. Contact a furniture repair specialist for more information or advice.