9 Tips For Maintaining Your Drapes

When you hang your drapes, maintenance is a must. If you fail to maintain them, it could not only impact the drapes, but also the other furnishings in the room. Here are nine tips for helping you keep your drapes in top notch shape. 

  1. Shake your drapes nightly. During the day, dust settles on your drapes. Over the course of a few days, the dust builds up and becomes more difficult to remove. To help make it easier to keep the drapes clean, lightly shake them nightly. 
  2. Hand wash the drapes. Even though your washing machine is equipped with a gentle cycle, you should wash the drapes by hand. This helps to ensure the integrity of the fabric is not compromised. 
  3. Iron on the reverse side. Before ironing the drapes, check for signs of puckering. If the fabric has puckered, lightly spray the drapes with water and slightly pull on the drapes as you iron them.
  4. Vacuum monthly. At least once a month, vacuum the drapes to keep them clean. You can use an attachment to ensure that the entire fabric is cleaned. 
  5. Close your windows during rainstorms. Rain can leave watermarks on your drapes. The watermarks are difficult to remove. To keep your drapes looking nice, close the windows when bad weather is on the way. 
  6. Clean the drapes' hardware. Dust from your drapes' hardware can get on the fabric and ruin your hard work to keep them clean. Take some time to dust your rods and valances when you vacuum the drapes. 
  7. Protect dark-colored drapes. Dark fabrics tend to soak in the sunlight. As a result, they fade quicker. If you have darker colored drapes, move them to the side on sunny days. If you have blinds, keep them closed on those days.
  8. Watch for condensation. When moisture builds up around your windows, it can impact your drapes. If your windows are prone to excessive moisture around them, keep the drapes pulled away from them and wipe away the moisture when possible.
  9. Move the drapes around. Your windows get various levels of sun exposure. To help keep the wear on your drapes even, periodically rotate them. This allows your drapes that get the most sunlight a break. 

If you are ordering custom drapes, ask your supplier for other special tips you can use to keep your drapes in good condition. The more care you give your drapes, the longer they will last. To learn more, speak with someone like Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and Fabrics.