Need A New Grill? Why You Should Consider Paying Extra For An Egg Grill

If your grill has finally conked out and you are shopping for a new one, you will likely see odd looking grills that look like a large ceramic egg. These grills are commonly called infrared grills. It may be more expensive, but you still may want to shell out the extra bucks for one. Below are four reasons why.

Cook Food Faster

An infrared grill cooks food faster than a traditional grill. This is because it uses gas or electric to heat the surface, and then sends the heat directly to the food. These grills can also reach a much higher temperature than gas or charcoal grills. You save time in waiting for the infrared grill to heat up, and you do not have to preheat it as you do with traditional grills.

Cook Varieties of Foods

When you think of a grill, you probably think of grilling out hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc. With an infrared grill you can do all of this, but you can cook many other things also. If you want to have pizza, cook it on the infrared grill instead. If you want to make a batch of delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast, instead of waiting for them to get done in the oven, put them on the grill, and they will cook faster. You can even cook casseroles on this grill.

Clean it Easier

Most infrared grills are self-cleaning, so they require very little clean up when you are finished grilling.  Residential heat burns away any grease that may build up while you are cooking. You will have some left over residue, however, but it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. This means you will not have to worry about using any types of chemicals. The main thing you will have to clean is the grill grate. It is easiest to do if you clean it each time you finish grilling.

Control Temperature

Most infrared grills have temperature control, which allows you to control the temperature, and cook your food at the exact temperature you want.  If you are grilling on a gas grill and need to lower the temperature, it takes a few minutes to get there. With an infrared grill, it gets to the right temperature quickly.

You can also use your infrared grill to smoke your food, such as ribs, by adding a few smoked wood chips to it while you are grilling. How you do this depends on the grill you purchase.

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