Got Old Car Tires? Upcycle Them With These 3 Creative Ideas

Whether you've just replaced the tires on your car, need to replace them because they've been damaged beyond adequate repair or have simply come across several damaged tires, there are many ways to put those old, damaged or undamaged tires to good use. There's really no reason for them to head off to the dump or any other place when you can upcycle them at home. Here are three interesting and creative ideas for your old car tires:

1. Grass Stools

If you've ever been to Lima, especially the Invasion Verde, then you may have seen these really cool grass stools made out of old car tires. You'll also notice the old tires being reused as garden planters. However, the stools are what really draw your attention in. You could easily do this at home by creating a base on the bottom of the tire (with a piece of plywood usually), placing the soil and planting the seeds. Mount on three-to-four stool legs to the previously-installed plywood and you'll have yourself some excellent and comfortable outdoor chairs.

2. Rope Table

Another excellent idea is to use some rope to cover the tire and create a beautiful table that can be displayed indoors or outdoors. You will need to get a piece of plywood or some form of hard wood that can be cut to fit the top and bottom of the tire, as you'll need something for the legs to attach to and something sturdy for items to sit on. If you don't want the brown-colored rope, consider either purchasing colored rope or painting it beforehand. You'll also need construction glue, such as liquid nail, to make sure the wood and rope adheres well to the tire.

3. Sandbox

If you have little ones that love to play outside, then using your old car tires for a sandbox may be the perfect idea. This is also one of the easiest projects to implement at home. While it is true that a tractor tire would be best used for this project because it is larger, car and truck tires will work. If nothing else, you could always cut them to form a larger area or butt them up to one another to create a really awesome play area. Basically, to create the sandbox, all you do is paint the tire the color of your choosing and add the sand.

With these ideas in mind, the next time you go to have your tire replaced, you'll want to make sure you keep the old one so that you can implement one of these ideas or a different idea. Contact a company like Terpstra's Sales Service & Rentals for more information.