Cheerful Window Treatments For The Living Room

Some living rooms are formal spaces, but others serve as family gathering places. For such casual living rooms, the traditional layers of curtains may not feel right. Instead, consider infusing your living room with cheer by adding colorful or creative window treatments.

Bay Windows

A bay window bump out is a common feature in living rooms. However, that does leave you with some unusual geography to drape. According to Better Homes and Gardens, one attractive option is having a single rod custom-made so it angles inside your bay bump out. Hang a bright curtain panel on the rod in front of each separate window, creating a cohesive look that still allows you to control the incoming light.

Window Bank

Even if you don't have a bay bump out, you may still have a bank of multiple windows. For this setup, consider neutral-colored plantation blinds topped by colorful valances. The plantation blinds provide a useful window treatment that won't take over the décor profile of your entire living room. Yet the valances draped above add that cheerful pop of color.

Sliding Glass Door

If your living room has an exit to a patio or deck, you probably need special window treatments for a sliding glass door. In this case, Roman shades are a colorful option. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can match any décor. Choose a pretty pattern, and consider adding contrasting trim for added visual interest.

Picture Window

A picture window is often the highlight of your living room. You may be tempted to leave it bare and let the view take center stage, but that's rarely the most cohesive option in window treatments. Instead, treat the window like the grand portal that it is by framing it in jewel tones. Look for solid curtain panels in emerald, sapphire or other jewel tones to showcase the pretty scene outside.

Creative Curtain Rod

Even if you don't have any specialty windows in your living room, consider drawing attention to the space by adding a whimsical curtain rod. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes using a smooth tree branch as a curtain rod. Spray paint the branch a color that matches your décor, and select tie-top curtains to allow for the branch's curves. Further the theme with curtain panels featuring a botanical motif.

Layered Treatment

Perhaps you'd like to give a nod to the traditional living room treatment without setting up heavy layers. So, lighten up the layers. Replace blackout curtain panels with airy ones made of gauzy material. In place of the heavy drapes, hang a swag above the window. Go bold with a lime green or turquoise blue. Add to the look with decorative tiebacks at the top corners.

Get creative with your window treatments to add cheer to your family's living room. For more options, visit Cover Up Designs.