Residential Weed Control Tips For Homeowners

Maintaining the appearance of a lawn or garden can be a daunting task for many people. Successfully doing this task will require you to keep the growth of weeds to a minimum, but this can be a seemingly endless battle. For homeowners that are having a difficult time with this aspect of yard maintenance, there are a couple of tips that can be used to help make the process of battling weeds easier.

Increase Plant Coverage

A highly effective option for helping to reduce the growth of weeds is to make sure that you keep your plants relatively close together and have them cover much of the yard. This will make the weeds have to compete with these plants for nutrients, which can help to inhibit their growth. However, it should be noted that plants should not be placed too close together because this can cause their roots to become tangled or it can prevent their branches from receiving enough sunlight. Due to the fact that the exact spacing needs of plants can vary widely, homeowners should consult with professional landscapers to determine the optimal distances between plans when trying to prevent weed growth while keeping the plants healthy.

Remove Weeds When The Ground Is Wet

Manually removing weeds from your lawn and garden is essential for controlling the growth of the plants. However, pulling weeds from the ground can be difficult because their roots can hold them securely in place. Sadly, if enough of the root system is left in the ground, the weeds will just grow back.

A simple way of combating this problem is to make sure to always remove weeds from the ground when it is wet. When the soil is wet, it will be easier to loosen the weed's roots and pull the weed free. This will make the weeds far easier to pull out of the ground, and you may find that you are able to remove more of the root system.

If left unchecked, weeds have the ability to ruin the appearance of your yard, while also robbing your plants of the nutrients that they need to thrive. Preventing weeds from overtaking your yard or garden does not have to be an impossible task for you to do. By appreciating the benefits of close plant placement as well as the advantages of pulling weeds when the ground is wet, you will find that keeping these unwanted plants out of your property is easier. If you want help with this process, contact professionals. Visit a site like for more details.