Four Creative Locations For Mirrors In Your Home

When it comes to the placement of mirrors in the home, many people opt for the standard locations in the bathrooms and next to the front door. While these locations are certainly helpful, it's important to realize that you can get creative with the placement of other mirrors to make the interior of your home seem larger, brighter and even more visually appealing. With so many different styles of mirrors available today, you'll have no trouble shopping for the right look to suit your home design and overall style sense. Here are four spots that can benefit from a mirror.

Above A Couch

If you're not pleased with the look of the blank wall above a long couch and you can't find the right art to hang in this location, consider a tall mirror turned on its side and hung over the couch. This is an ideal mirror location because it instantly makes the room look bigger. Additionally, provided that the mirror's frame is thin enough, it won't feel bulky and obtrusive over your head when you're seated on the couch.

On A Stairwell

A flight of stairs that turns in the middle and has a small landing can be improved with the addition of a mirror hung in the landing. Landings tend to be small and cramped, and the mirror will open up the space. Additionally, if you can't see what's happening up or down the stairs when you're on one of the sections, the mirror will give you the ability to clearly see what's ahead of you, which can feel comforting.

In The Bedroom

If you've been getting dressed in front of the mirror on the back of your walk-in closet door or in the bathroom, there's a better way. A large, tall mirror with a bold frame that is hung in your bedroom can save you time and hassle each morning when you get dressed, as you won't have to do so in the cramped closet or bathroom.

Above The Kitchen Sink

Many homes have windows about the kitchen sink, which can provide visual entertainment when you're doing dishes. If you don't have a window in this location, consider a mirror. In addition to making this confined space -- which is often surrounded by cupboards -- larger, a mirror in this location means that you can see people who might be sitting in the kitchen behind you, which allows for easier conversation when you have your back turned.

To find a mirror suited to your taste and the location you've selected, contact a company like Glasshopper Schor Glass.