Fun Summer Uses For Your Christmas Lights

If you invested a lot of money in LED Christmas lights last holiday season, or if you found an amazing after-holiday sale to stock up on them, why not use them during the summer months, too? LED Christmas lights can add a fabulous touch to your outdoor summer landscape 

Light Your Pool Area

Nothing says summer nights like a lighted pool area. Blue or green strands are the ideal colors, but multi or white are beautiful, too. The LED lights are so bright and vibrant in this area and can create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. You can string the lights on a fence, in the shrubs, in trees, or anywhere else to accent your current outdoor landscape. These lights can add some extra fun to an evening swim party, a pool patio cocktail party, or just having a cocktail after a long day at work.

Light Up a Pergola

Do you have a pergola in your yard? If so, liven it up with some LED lights along the top rungs. To make it a more useful space, place some tables and chairs beneath and create a fun seating area. You can have a casual dinner party in an area you may not have been able to use because it was too dark at night. This detail can add an alfresco feel to your regular landscape.

Illuminate Your Walkways

If you are having guests over after dark, string some lights along your pathways so they know where to walk. This is particularly helpful for those who may have never been to your home or are not familiar with where to go. You only need some stakes that you can find in the camping section of a department store. Place the stakes along the walkway, and then string the lights between them. This can be a very inviting aspect to your outdoor space.

Create Centerpieces

For those shorter, battery-operated strands, they can be very useful in table centerpieces. You can wrap them around inside a clear vase with some sand and seashells for a coastal look. If you would rather a more generic use, place the vase of lights on a mirrored tile that you can get from a home supply store. Adding a simple touch to your tabletops is a great way to add some excitement to your summer landscape.

Using your extra LED lights in summer is a great way to add some excitement to the hot summer days. If you want to implement these ideas but do not have any lights on hand, check your local stores near the end of the summer. You may very well find some Christmas items stocked on the shelves. There's still plenty of summer left to decorate your exterior, even in August! To learn more about wholesale Christmas lights, contact a company like River City Lights