Protecting Precast Stone From Becoming Stained

If you are planning on using precast stone pieces to construct a wall on your property, you will soon be enjoying the majestic appearance it will give to your land. Many people enjoy the aesthetics of precast stone as the pieces are not mottled in color or riddled with flaws as with natural stone. Protecting precast stone from becoming stained is very important from the time you receive the product to store and continuing until after it is installed. Here are some steps you can take to minimize staining of this high-quality medium so the pieces look as pristine as they were at the time you purchased them. 

Storing Precast Stone Properly To Avoid Staining

After receiving a shipment of precast stone pieces, they should be placed in an area where debris is not likely to settle upon them. Placing them in a shed or garage is a good idea as they will be in an enclosed area away from any contaminants or inclement weather. Elevate the stones on pallets or planks. This will keep them safe from unfortunate spills of chemical agents. Make sure the wood they are placed upon is untreated so there is no risk of coloring transferring to the stones. If the stones will be stored for an extended period of time, place a tarp or piece of cloth over them to keep debris from setting upon their surfaces.

Removing Debris From The Stone Pieces

When debris is transferred to precast stone, it can cause discoloration to the pieces if it is not removed promptly. Is is best to avoid using a sandblaster or pressure washer to remove any dirt from these stones as the impact of the air or water hitting the surface can cause chips or nicks to appear. It is also best to stay away from the use of a wire brush to scrape away dirt as this can lead to scarring of the stone.

Use a mild cleanser made especially for the type of precast stone you had purchased. Commercial precast stone cleansers are usually slightly acidic in nature, helping to eat through stains easily. It is important to identify the type of stain present before using a cleaning agent. This will help you pinpoint which product will do the best job in fading the stained area. Make sure to read the packaging to match it to the stain you are attempting to remove. Apply the cleaner to a non-abrasive sponge and scrub the stained spot by hand. Rinse well with a garden hose.  

For further assistance, contact a local stone supply outlet.