3 Ideas To Give Water Collection And Gutters A More Attractive Makeover

Rain collection can be a great addition to your home to start conserving water, but it can also be unsightly or just too plain for your tastes. The common commercial barrel and simple gutter downspouts can be replaced with more attractive features that blend in naturally to your landscaping design. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to improve your rain collection system with a personalized touch:

1.Use A Series Of Terracotta Barrels For Containers

Do you have commercial barrels that are an ugly blue color or plain plastic? You may want to improve these barrels with terracotta containers. These can be simple containers that you can add your own designs to, or you may want to consider getting terracotta pots that already have an attractive design on them. You can also use a series of small terracotta contains to make a simple filtration system for your rain collection.

2. Remove Gutter Downspouts And Add Rain Chains

The gutter downspouts may be one of the unsightly components of your rain collection system. With rain chains, you can completely remove the downspouts. There are many options for rain chains, which can give your home an attractive water feature that allows water to flow freely into the collection system. This can also be combined with containers and different elevations to carry water from a roof to lower areas where you may have set up terracotta containers.  Adding a faucet to higher containers can give you natural water pressure to connect a garden hose to for things like watering the garden.

3. Use Rock Beds And Streams For Filtration Of Water

Another option that you may want to consider to make rain collection more attractive is water features. This can be done with things like streams that carry water from different elevations around your home. You may also want to consider dry rock beds with larger rocks, which can help to filter the water before it goes into containers. This can also include a hidden sand filter to ensure that water is clean before it gets stored, though it may still need further purification if you plan on using it as a potable water source.

These are some simple improvements that you can do to make gutters and rain collection systems more attractive. If you are ready to start a makeover project for your rain collection system, contact a rain chain vendor to get exactly what you need.