Help Your Air Conditioner Run More Efficiently

If your air conditioner isn't running efficiently, then not only could you be experiencing poor performance from your unit, but you could also be paying more for your electricity bill each month. Instead of continuing to run your air conditioner in this condition, be sure that you improve its performance by taking advantage of the following:

Maintain the Condenser Unit:

Your condenser unit is a critical part when it comes to the performance of your air conditioner, which is why routine maintenance is a must. When servicing your condenser unit, you will want to clean off the fins since the fins can easily become clogged by outside debris and dust. If the fins are clogged, then the condenser won't be able to work as well when it comes to pulling in air to convert into cold air. Because of the lack of air intake, the performance of your AC can be compromised, which is why cleaning your unit often is a great way to improve the efficiency of your system. You can do this by spraying down the unit with a garden hose or by using a soft sponge brush to brush against the fins.

Replace Dusty and Dirty Filters:

Filters that have a layer of dust and debris on them won't only impact and potentially harm the air that is delivered to your home, but they can compromise the airflow that your air conditioner delivers. If you are noticing a lack of air coming through the vents, then consider inspecting and replacing your filters as they could be the cause of air failing to enter your  home.

Inspect and Repair Duct Leaks:

Air leaks can be the main source of your air conditioner performing poorly. This is why inspecting for leaks is critical. Leaks in your air conditioner's duct could compromise the performance of your air conditioner by as much as 30%, and this could easily be costing you extra on your electricity bill. So, check for air leaks and repair them by simply applying mastic tape to the exposed leak.

Using these tips is a great approach when it comes to improving the efficiency of your air conditioner system. Not only will it help revamp the performance of your unit but it can end up saving you money each month that you utilize your air conditioner, which is a major benefit. So, before you continue to run your air conditioner in its current conditioner, be sure to take advantage of these three tips.