Update Your Patio with Modern Style

Modern style can be a very attractive look for your patio. First, the clean, geometric lines speak to a sophisticated minimalism. What's more, modern decor complements a contemporary home. Such a style can also feel as soothing as it is simple. If it's time for a patio remodel, consider making it over with these contemporary design ideas.

Choose a Subtle Palette

For the interior of your home, it's possible to go bold with black and white or pop art colors. For the patio, it makes more sense to choose a subtle palette. One option is a monochromatic color scheme. You could utilize shades of the same hue all through your patio. Another option is to keep the palette naturalistic, such as shades of taupe, sand, and eggshell. You should bring the color palette through in the decor and even the flooring.

Overlay the Flooring

Speaking of flooring, one way to make a big difference with your patio remodel is with updated flooring. If you have a concrete floor, consider having it overlaid. According to the Concrete Network, contemporary concrete overlays are a mix of polymer resins, cement, and sand with acrylic for color. You can choose a subtly-colored overlay or add a metallic sheen to your floor.

Install Cable Railings

The next area of attention is your patio railing. Stainless steel cable railings are a good addition for your modern-style patio. For one, metal is a prime material for modern decor. Secondly, cable rail seems to disappear into the vista, thus allowing the view to take center stage. You have different options for the posts and handrails. You could keep the look all-metal. Alternatively, wood or composite also blends well with stainless steel cable railings.

Add a Fire Box

A boxy fire pit will give your patio heat in fashion. Contractors construct such a fire pit out of concrete. You can have it dyed to match your color palette or have it left natural. Consider installing a gas line to fuel the fire pit. For the well, you can even add sculptural metal or glass adornment.

Plant Architectural Landscaping

Speaking of sculptural accenting, modern decor doesn't mean omitting landscaping. Instead, choose plants with architectural appeal. Cacti and succulents are a natural. However, if you like flowers, consider lupine, sea holly, delphinium, and allium. Other plants with architectural style include giant elephant's ear, reed, and bamboo. Consider having the contractors add boxy planters that match your fire pit to house your plantings.

Utilize the chic geometry and clean lines of modern decor to make over your patio.