3 Tips To Improve Your Garden's Soil Quality

Quality soil can make the difference between having and not having a successful garden. If your soil's quality is bad, the plants in the garden do not receive the nutrients that they need to survive. To improve the soil, there are several things you can do. 

Use Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal powder can be beneficial to your garden's soil. One of the main benefits is that it can help to reduce the pesticides that naturally occur in your soil. It also helps to remove other pollutants that impact the quality of the soil.  

In addition to this, the charcoal acts as a conditioner of sorts. When applied to the top of your garden, it functions much in the same way as lime. It helps to increase the nitrogen fixation of your plants.  

To use the powder, you need to till the ground and spread the charcoal when the dirt is dry. The charcoal needs to be deep enough in the ground to be effective. Once the charcoal is applied, you can water and fertilize the garden as you normally do.  

Start a Compost Pile

Composting can help to improve your garden in a number of ways, including providing nutrients that it needs. As the compost breaks down, nutrients are released into the soil. The slow-release of the nutrients can bolster your soil and help with water retention. 

There are several methods of composting you can use, including sheet composting. With sheet composting, you can apply layers of grass clippings and dry leaves to the garden. You do not have to worry about building a layer or a bin to hold the compost since it is applied directly to the garden. 

Layer Mulch on the Garden

Mulch is used by many gardeners, but sometimes it is not applied in the amount needed to improve soil quality. Mulch works by protecting the organisms and nutrients that are in the soil. It essentially covers it from the elements so that nutrients can penetrate the roots of the plants.  

When laying mulch, you need to do so in a thick layer. The thick layer provides additional covering and helps to keep weeds from growing in your garden. 

There are many other ways that you can give your soil a boost. Work with your landscaper or visit your local or online plant supply store, such as Buy activated charcoal, to get tips on what you can do to improve your soil's quality.