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Four Creative Locations For Mirrors In Your Home

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When it comes to the placement of mirrors in the home, many people opt for the standard locations in the bathrooms and next to the front door. While these locations are certainly helpful, it’s important to realize that you can get creative with the placement of other mirrors to make the interior of your home seem larger, brighter and even more visually appealing. With so many different styles of mirrors available today, you’ll have no trouble shopping for the right look to suit your home design and overall style sense. Here are four spots that can benefit from a mirror. Above A Couch If you’re not pleased with the look of the blank wall above a long couch and you can’t find the right art to hang in this location, consider a tall mirror turned on its side and hung over the couch. This is an ideal mirror location because it instantly makes the room look bigger. Additionally, provided that the mirror’s frame is thin enough, it won’t feel bulky and obtrusive over your head when you’re seated on the couch. On A Stairwell A flight of stairs that turns in the middle and has a small landing can be improved with the addition of a mirror hung in the landing. Landings tend to be small and cramped, and the mirror will open up the space. Additionally, if you can’t see what’s happening up or down the stairs when you’re on one of the sections, the mirror will give you the ability to clearly see what’s ahead of you, which can feel comforting. In The Bedroom If you’ve been getting dressed in front of the mirror on the back of your walk-in closet door or in the bathroom, there’s a better way. A large, tall mirror with a bold frame that is hung in your bedroom can save you time and hassle each morning when you get dressed, as you won’t have to do so in the cramped closet or bathroom. Above The Kitchen Sink Many homes have windows about the kitchen sink, which can provide visual entertainment when you’re doing dishes. If you don’t have a window in this location, consider a mirror. In addition to making this confined space — which is often surrounded by cupboards — larger, a mirror in this location means that you can see people who might be sitting in the kitchen behind you, which allows for easier conversation when you have your back turned. To find a mirror suited to your taste and the location you’ve selected, contact a company like Glasshopper Schor...

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Residential Weed Control Tips For Homeowners

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Maintaining the appearance of a lawn or garden can be a daunting task for many people. Successfully doing this task will require you to keep the growth of weeds to a minimum, but this can be a seemingly endless battle. For homeowners that are having a difficult time with this aspect of yard maintenance, there are a couple of tips that can be used to help make the process of battling weeds easier. Increase Plant Coverage A highly effective option for helping to reduce the growth of weeds is to make sure that you keep your plants relatively close together and have them cover much of the yard. This will make the weeds have to compete with these plants for nutrients, which can help to inhibit their growth. However, it should be noted that plants should not be placed too close together because this can cause their roots to become tangled or it can prevent their branches from receiving enough sunlight. Due to the fact that the exact spacing needs of plants can vary widely, homeowners should consult with professional landscapers to determine the optimal distances between plans when trying to prevent weed growth while keeping the plants healthy. Remove Weeds When The Ground Is Wet Manually removing weeds from your lawn and garden is essential for controlling the growth of the plants. However, pulling weeds from the ground can be difficult because their roots can hold them securely in place. Sadly, if enough of the root system is left in the ground, the weeds will just grow back. A simple way of combating this problem is to make sure to always remove weeds from the ground when it is wet. When the soil is wet, it will be easier to loosen the weed’s roots and pull the weed free. This will make the weeds far easier to pull out of the ground, and you may find that you are able to remove more of the root system. If left unchecked, weeds have the ability to ruin the appearance of your yard, while also robbing your plants of the nutrients that they need to thrive. Preventing weeds from overtaking your yard or garden does not have to be an impossible task for you to do. By appreciating the benefits of close plant placement as well as the advantages of pulling weeds when the ground is wet, you will find that keeping these unwanted plants out of your property is easier. If you want help with this process, contact professionals. Visit a site like for more...

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Home Alone: Three Things You Can Do To Keep An Elderly Parent Safe When They Live Alone

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If you have an elderly parent who lives alone, you probably worry about their safety, especially if they aren’t able to get around as well as they once did. You may have suggested they consider moving in with you or moving to an assisted living facility. However, giving up their independence isn’t easy for most elderly people, as they desire to remain in their home and live a normal life. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help keep your elderly parent safe when they live alone. Perform a safety check of their home Make sure their home is equipped with working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Test the batteries in all detectors and offer to change the batteries on a regular basis. Check for frays in extension cords and the cords of all electrical devices. Eyesight isn’t as sharp as people age, and this can make it difficult for them to see damaged cords that may lead to a fire hazard. Eliminate fall hazards A fall can cause a serious physical disability that requires a long and painful convalescence period. Making the home less conducive to fall hazards is vital to the safety of someone living alone. Rugs are notorious for causing falls. Not only are they easy to trip over, but the smooth backing on rugs makes them slide across the floor with minimal effort. Don’t worry, you won’t need to replace all of the rugs with new ones. You can purchase non-slip rug pads to use under existing rugs. Use rug pads under every rug in the home. Non-slip rug pads will prevent the rugs from slipping on smooth flooring surfaces. They will also provide added stability to rugs and make them less likely to bunch up and become easy targets to trip over. Check the layout of the furniture throughout the house, and rearrange furnishings to allow plenty of space for your parent to walk freely. Install tap lights or night lights to light the pathway between the bed and bathroom to make it easy to navigate those late night trips to the bathroom. Don’t give your parent an excuse for climbing up on chairs to retrieve items in the kitchen. Move essential items to lower shelves where they can reach them with ease. Establish an emergency plan Work out an emergency plan for your parent in the event of a fire or other emergency. Plan an escape route to be followed in the event of a fire. Print a list of phone numbers to be placed where they can access them easily. Use a large print to make reading the numbers easy. You should also include the phone numbers of several family members, neighbors, and friends who live close by and can provide assistance if needed. The emergency contact list should be posted in the bedroom and at least one other room in the home. Making your parent’s home safe will be worth the time and effort spent. Not only will a safe home allow your parent to remain independent and live a fulfilling life, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing your parent is well taken care...

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Flowers Didn’t Make It Last Year Due To Not Enough Water? 2 Ways To Make Sure They Survive This Year

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Even though it is still winter, spring is only a few months away, and this means planting flowers. If your flowers didn’t do well last year due to not getting enough water, you can do a few things to make sure they get enough this coming up spring and summer. Follow the tips below and your flowers will stay healthy and happy all season long. Provide Water Underground Flowers need water at their roots, so providing them with water underground is the perfect strategy. You can purchase pots that are buried under the ground. These pots are made of a low fired unglazed porous clay. They are submerged into the ground with the opening at the top of the soil.  Water is poured into the reservoir, and a cap is placed over the opening. Once placed in the ground, the water slowly irrigates through the porous clay to the surrounding plants. These pots only irrigate plants that are surrounding them, so you may need to purchase more than one. How many plants this is depends on how large the pot is. It will come with instructions advising you how many plants they will irrigate. This method of watering saves you money on your water bills, and it saves you time from having to water the plants yourself. Your plants will also be much healthier as they will always have enough moisture. The pots you choose will come with instructions on how to install them, how many you need to install, and how often you need to refill them with water. You can even add a liquid fertilizer to the water to provide your flowers with nutrients all season long. You can purchase these pots at many garden centers, as well as online. Mulch Mulch in your flower garden serves many purposes. It keeps weeds away, which are not only unsightly but steal moisture and nutrients from your flowers. Mulch also holds in moisture, which protects your flowers from drying out. If where you live has cold winters, it can help protect your flowers from the freezing temperatures. In the summer, it keeps your flowers’ roots cooler. Three types of mulch you can choose from include: Wood chips: Looks attractive and stays put. It also decays slowly. Readily available in bags or by the truckload from garden centers. Shredded bark: Commonly used, inexpensive, and breaks down slowly. May take up nitrogen from your soil as it decomposes so you may need to add fertilizer. Determine this by doing a soil test. Decaying leaves:  Does a great job at smothering weeds. Maple leaves, which are soft, are not a good choice, as they can mat very easily. Oak leaves are acidic, which means they may lower the pH levels in your garden. You should apply a couple of inches of mulch in your flower garden. When you are finished, pull the mulch away from the base of each plant, as you do not want to smother them. Contact a landscape contractor who can help you choose the best way to keep your flowers...

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Cheerful Window Treatments For The Living Room

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Some living rooms are formal spaces, but others serve as family gathering places. For such casual living rooms, the traditional layers of curtains may not feel right. Instead, consider infusing your living room with cheer by adding colorful or creative window treatments. Bay Windows A bay window bump out is a common feature in living rooms. However, that does leave you with some unusual geography to drape. According to Better Homes and Gardens, one attractive option is having a single rod custom-made so it angles inside your bay bump out. Hang a bright curtain panel on the rod in front of each separate window, creating a cohesive look that still allows you to control the incoming light. Window Bank Even if you don’t have a bay bump out, you may still have a bank of multiple windows. For this setup, consider neutral-colored plantation blinds topped by colorful valances. The plantation blinds provide a useful window treatment that won’t take over the décor profile of your entire living room. Yet the valances draped above add that cheerful pop of color. Sliding Glass Door If your living room has an exit to a patio or deck, you probably need special window treatments for a sliding glass door. In this case, Roman shades are a colorful option. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can match any décor. Choose a pretty pattern, and consider adding contrasting trim for added visual interest. Picture Window A picture window is often the highlight of your living room. You may be tempted to leave it bare and let the view take center stage, but that’s rarely the most cohesive option in window treatments. Instead, treat the window like the grand portal that it is by framing it in jewel tones. Look for solid curtain panels in emerald, sapphire or other jewel tones to showcase the pretty scene outside. Creative Curtain Rod Even if you don’t have any specialty windows in your living room, consider drawing attention to the space by adding a whimsical curtain rod. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes using a smooth tree branch as a curtain rod. Spray paint the branch a color that matches your décor, and select tie-top curtains to allow for the branch’s curves. Further the theme with curtain panels featuring a botanical motif. Layered Treatment Perhaps you’d like to give a nod to the traditional living room treatment without setting up heavy layers. So, lighten up the layers. Replace blackout curtain panels with airy ones made of gauzy material. In place of the heavy drapes, hang a swag above the window. Go bold with a lime green or turquoise blue. Add to the look with decorative tiebacks at the top corners. Get creative with your window treatments to add cheer to your family’s living room. For more options, visit Cover Up...

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3 Signs That Your Home Locks Need To Be Replaced

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The first goal of home security is to convince would-be burglars to not bother breaking in by installing state-of-the-art doors, locks and other security systems. Locks are very integral to your home safety and should be changed every once in a while to prevent burglars and other unwanted guests from gaining access. Lost keys or a situation change If you notice that one of your home keys is missing, it is advisable that you schedule a lock change with your locksmith as soon as possible, as it could actually have been stolen. Even if you end up locating the key later on, it is better to be safe than sorry, as someone could have made copies and then returned the key. Changes in your living situation should also prompt you to get your locks changed. This may include a nasty divorce or a roommate who has moved out. Having the locks replaced will help deny unwanted guests access to your home, giving you peace of mind. Indications of lock tampering Burglars are always coming up with new ways to tamper with household locks. If you notice any broken locks, windows or missing household items, you should file a police report right away. However, there are instances where you may notice subtle signs of an attempted break-in, in which case you should call in a locksmith.   If you notice warped door frames or bent latches or deadbolts, this could indicate that a burglar had attempted to bash in the lock or kick the door open. Fresh nicks around the edges of the keyhole could indicate that a key was inserted into the keyhole forcefully in an attempt to tamper with the lock tumblers, while shiny metal edges or scratch marks on the keyhole might indicate someone attempted to pick the lock. Any such evidence on your entrance doors should prompt you to change your locks. Wear and tear Over time, your locks can become rusty and wobbly, increasing the risk of a malfunction that could lock you out or make the door latch easier to pry open. Rust accumulation and overuse could also make the door knob disengage itself from its original installment, making it harder to open and close the door. If you notice any rust on either your keys or locks, or have increased difficulty turning your knobs or dead bolt, it could be time to have your locks changed. For more informaiton, talk to a professional like Bob’s Lock &...

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Three Styles Of Shutters To Choose From For Your Home

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You may be looking at many different types of improvements for your windows. This can include things like window treatments, replacements or adding film. You may want to consider a more conventional improvement, such as shutters. If you want to have shutters on your home, you have a choice between modern and traditional styles. Here are some of the different types of shutters you may want to consider having installed on your home: 1. Bahama Style Shutters For Shade And Storm Protection If you want to have more than shutters on your home, Bahama style shutters are an option you may want to have installed on your home. These are shutters that open outwards and can also be used like an awning to give windows extra shade. If you live in a southern climate, Bahama shades can be a great way to keep the sunlight out of your home during the summer months, as well as to protect your home from storms and high winds. 2. Traditional Plantation Shutters For Storm Protection And A Classic Look Plantation shutters are another option that you may want to consider having installed on your home. These are shutters that have a more conventional look and open like double doors. If you want to have a more classic look for your home, plantation shutters can be a great addition. In areas like kitchens, you can even have these shutters installed as interior window treatments and be able to adjust them just like blinds. This is a more aesthetically pleasing solution for the shutters you have installed on your home. 3. Giving Your Home More Of A Modern Look With Roll-up Style Shutters There are also more modern options if you want to have shutters installed on your home. Roll-up style shutters can be a great choice. These shutters can also be motorized, allowing you to add automation. Roll-up shutters will be out of the way and hardly noticeable. They can provide your home with automation, energy efficiency and security. These are shutters that work like garage doors and can be opened and closed whenever you need them. These are some of the different types of shutters that you may want to consider having installed on your home. If you are ready to have new windows installed on your home, contact a window shutter installer and talk with them about some of these styles for your...

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Bed Bugs Be Gone!

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Bed bugs are a nasty parasitic pest that can take residence in your home from seemingly out of the blue. But never fear, bed bugs can be eliminated, but you need to take the first steps in finding them and doing the right things to get them out. Read on to learn about bed begs and how to get rid of them. What are Bed Bugs? Bed bugs are very small, brown insects that typically first hide out in your mattress or box springs. Unlike hornets or bees, they do not have nests, and they prefer to hide in groups and come out at night to have a snack. Give bed bugs enough time, and they will scatter to different areas of the bedroom. Don’t feel like you do not keep your house clean if you find out you have bed bugs because they can find residence anywhere if they are able to get in. How Can I Be Sure I Have Them? If you happen to wake up with small red bites that you didn’t have the day before, it may be worth looking into. The first thing to do is to check your bed for small brown, oval-shaped bugs. Just because they only come out at night doesn’t mean they are invisible during the day. You may find their molted skins or droppings before you find them. Once you do find them, you will need to take immediate action. How Did They Get in my House? There are a wide variety of ways that bed bugs could have infiltrated your home. Some of the most common ways are travel and used furniture. When you travel, bed bugs may find their way into your luggage and come home with you. Used furniture is another way that they can get in since they can hide out as long as there are animals to feed on nearby. Be careful to check luggage and furniture before you bring them back into your home. How Do I Get Rid of Them? Killing bed bugs can be a huge task, so many people will just contact an exterminator. A bed bug exterminator will make sure all of them are killed in one visit, while you will need to do a lot of things on your own to get rid of them, and you may not even get them all. Visit this link to see the steps and tools it takes to get rid of a bed bug...

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Got Old Car Tires? Upcycle Them With These 3 Creative Ideas

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Whether you’ve just replaced the tires on your car, need to replace them because they’ve been damaged beyond adequate repair or have simply come across several damaged tires, there are many ways to put those old, damaged or undamaged tires to good use. There’s really no reason for them to head off to the dump or any other place when you can upcycle them at home. Here are three interesting and creative ideas for your old car tires: 1. Grass Stools If you’ve ever been to Lima, especially the Invasion Verde, then you may have seen these really cool grass stools made out of old car tires. You’ll also notice the old tires being reused as garden planters. However, the stools are what really draw your attention in. You could easily do this at home by creating a base on the bottom of the tire (with a piece of plywood usually), placing the soil and planting the seeds. Mount on three-to-four stool legs to the previously-installed plywood and you’ll have yourself some excellent and comfortable outdoor chairs. 2. Rope Table Another excellent idea is to use some rope to cover the tire and create a beautiful table that can be displayed indoors or outdoors. You will need to get a piece of plywood or some form of hard wood that can be cut to fit the top and bottom of the tire, as you’ll need something for the legs to attach to and something sturdy for items to sit on. If you don’t want the brown-colored rope, consider either purchasing colored rope or painting it beforehand. You’ll also need construction glue, such as liquid nail, to make sure the wood and rope adheres well to the tire. 3. Sandbox If you have little ones that love to play outside, then using your old car tires for a sandbox may be the perfect idea. This is also one of the easiest projects to implement at home. While it is true that a tractor tire would be best used for this project because it is larger, car and truck tires will work. If nothing else, you could always cut them to form a larger area or butt them up to one another to create a really awesome play area. Basically, to create the sandbox, all you do is paint the tire the color of your choosing and add the sand. With these ideas in mind, the next time you go to have your tire replaced, you’ll want to make sure you keep the old one so that you can implement one of these ideas or a different idea. Contact a company like Terpstra’s Sales Service & Rentals for more...

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Using Curtains, Drapes, And Valances To Change The Shape Of Your Windows

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The shape of your windows can have a dramatic effect on whether a room feels well-proportioned or not. Unfortunately, if you have windows that don’t fit well with your rooms, it’s not so easy to change them. Choosing the right window treatment, however, is a much cheaper and easier way to change the effect your windows have. Whether it’s making windows seem bigger, smaller, shorter, or taller, the imaginative use of drapes, curtains, and valances is a great way to change up the interior of your home. Changing Window Shape There are a number of reasons why you might be unhappy with the shape of your windows. Windows with oddly-shaped tops, such as decorative arching, may seem too ornate for some home décor schemes; if this is the case, the top of the window can be squared off with a rectangular valance box. Small but irregularly-shaped windows that you dislike can be obscured by covering them completely with a window treatment such as a hanging curtain. On the other hand, you can embrace the irregular shape and choose to install custom blinds that showcase a unique window rather than covering it up. Making Windows Taller or Shorter If you’re worried about a window looking too short, mount a valance higher than the top of the window and allow it to extend down past the arch, and you’ll end up with a window that looks taller than it is. Alternatively, mount a curtain rod higher than the top of the window frame, and the longer drapes or curtains will give you a taller window. Shortening windows is done in a similar way; mount your curtain rod very close to the top of the window or even below the top of the window frame. A large valance can do the same thing, but you will sacrifice some of the window’s view if you block it this way instead of using curtains that can be opened. Generally speaking, it’s easier to make a window taller than shorter. Making Windows Wider or Narrower Valances are not effective for changing the width of a window; for this, you should rely on curtain rods. Curtain rods that are wider than a window will allow you to hang curtains that extend past the window on both sides, which makes for a wider-looking window as well as an attractive frame to the window when the curtains are drawn open. You can create quite large differences in actual and perceived width this way. Narrowing a window, on the other hand, is difficult. You can hang your curtains to only barely reach the edge of the frame on each side, but it’s better to play with the window’s height if you can. If you make it look taller, you will make it look proportionally narrower, and adding height is much easier to do. For more information, contact a company like Budget Blinds Of Coachella...

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