3 Tips To Improve Your Garden's Soil Quality

Quality soil can make the difference between having and not having a successful garden. If your soil’s quality is bad, the plants in the garden do not receive the nutrients that they need to survive. To improve the soil, there are several things you can do.  Use Charcoal Powder Activated charcoal powder can be beneficial to your garden’s soil. One of the main benefits is that it can help to reduce the pesticides that naturally occur in your soil.

Update Your Patio with Modern Style

Modern style can be a very attractive look for your patio. First, the clean, geometric lines speak to a sophisticated minimalism. What’s more, modern decor complements a contemporary home. Such a style can also feel as soothing as it is simple. If it’s time for a patio remodel, consider making it over with these contemporary design ideas. Choose a Subtle Palette For the interior of your home, it’s possible to go bold with black and white or pop art colors.

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

You will be surprised how refinishing your kitchen cabinets can change the feel of the entire room. Just by changing the stain tint, you can make your cabinets look newer and match better. If you restain while also repainting the walls or updating the flooring, your room will look brand new. The job is actually fairly simple if you want to do it yourself to save some money. This article explains how to restain kitchen cabinets.

Getting A Generator? Make Sure You Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Having an emergency generator can certainly come in handy when the power goes out. But, generators do come with certain risks. One of those is carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas is generated whenever fuels, including propane, natural gas, and gasoline, are burned. If you’re not careful, your generator may exhaust carbon monoxide, or CO, into your home. Here’s a look at how to keep this from happening. How do you prevent your generator from leaking CO into your home?

Help Your Air Conditioner Run More Efficiently

If your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, then not only could you be experiencing poor performance from your unit, but you could also be paying more for your electricity bill each month. Instead of continuing to run your air conditioner in this condition, be sure that you improve its performance by taking advantage of the following: Maintain the Condenser Unit: Your condenser unit is a critical part when it comes to the performance of your air conditioner, which is why routine maintenance is a must.

It's Automatic: 3 Steps to Keep Your Automatic Gate Operating Properly

If you’ve had automatic gates installed on your new fence, you need to be prepared for the maintenance that will be required. While automatic gates are a great way to provide additional security for your home, they do come with their own specific maintenance needs. Here are three maintenance tips that will keep your automatic gate running smoothly. Keep the Tracks Clean If your automatic gates operate along a track system, you’ll need to ensure that the track is clean and free of debris at all times.

3 Ideas To Give Water Collection And Gutters A More Attractive Makeover

Rain collection can be a great addition to your home to start conserving water, but it can also be unsightly or just too plain for your tastes. The common commercial barrel and simple gutter downspouts can be replaced with more attractive features that blend in naturally to your landscaping design. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to improve your rain collection system with a personalized touch:

Protecting Precast Stone From Becoming Stained

If you are planning on using precast stone pieces to construct a wall on your property, you will soon be enjoying the majestic appearance it will give to your land. Many people enjoy the aesthetics of precast stone as the pieces are not mottled in color or riddled with flaws as with natural stone. Protecting precast stone from becoming stained is very important from the time you receive the product to store and continuing until after it is installed.

Fun Summer Uses For Your Christmas Lights

If you invested a lot of money in LED Christmas lights last holiday season, or if you found an amazing after-holiday sale to stock up on them, why not use them during the summer months, too? LED Christmas lights can add a fabulous touch to your outdoor summer landscape  Light Your Pool Area Nothing says summer nights like a lighted pool area. Blue or green strands are the ideal colors, but multi or white are beautiful, too.

Eliminating Mischievous Mice From Your Yard

If you noticed field mice scampering through your yard every time you are outdoors, you will want to take action to keep them far away from your house. Since mice are known to carry bacteria that cause disease, it is important to keep them on the exterior side of your house if possible. Here are some precautionary steps you can take to keep mice from becoming a problem inside of your home.

Four Creative Locations For Mirrors In Your Home

When it comes to the placement of mirrors in the home, many people opt for the standard locations in the bathrooms and next to the front door. While these locations are certainly helpful, it’s important to realize that you can get creative with the placement of other mirrors to make the interior of your home seem larger, brighter and even more visually appealing. With so many different styles of mirrors available today, you’ll have no trouble shopping for the right look to suit your home design and overall style sense.

Residential Weed Control Tips For Homeowners

Maintaining the appearance of a lawn or garden can be a daunting task for many people. Successfully doing this task will require you to keep the growth of weeds to a minimum, but this can be a seemingly endless battle. For homeowners that are having a difficult time with this aspect of yard maintenance, there are a couple of tips that can be used to help make the process of battling weeds easier.

Home Alone: Three Things You Can Do To Keep An Elderly Parent Safe When They Live Alone

If you have an elderly parent who lives alone, you probably worry about their safety, especially if they aren’t able to get around as well as they once did. You may have suggested they consider moving in with you or moving to an assisted living facility. However, giving up their independence isn’t easy for most elderly people, as they desire to remain in their home and live a normal life. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help keep your elderly parent safe when they live alone.

Flowers Didn't Make It Last Year Due To Not Enough Water? 2 Ways To Make Sure They Survive This Year

Even though it is still winter, spring is only a few months away, and this means planting flowers. If your flowers didn’t do well last year due to not getting enough water, you can do a few things to make sure they get enough this coming up spring and summer. Follow the tips below and your flowers will stay healthy and happy all season long. Provide Water Underground Flowers need water at their roots, so providing them with water underground is the perfect strategy.

Cheerful Window Treatments For The Living Room

Some living rooms are formal spaces, but others serve as family gathering places. For such casual living rooms, the traditional layers of curtains may not feel right. Instead, consider infusing your living room with cheer by adding colorful or creative window treatments. Bay Windows A bay window bump out is a common feature in living rooms. However, that does leave you with some unusual geography to drape. According to Better Homes and Gardens, one attractive option is having a single rod custom-made so it angles inside your bay bump out.

3 Signs That Your Home Locks Need To Be Replaced

The first goal of home security is to convince would-be burglars to not bother breaking in by installing state-of-the-art doors, locks and other security systems. Locks are very integral to your home safety and should be changed every once in a while to prevent burglars and other unwanted guests from gaining access. Lost keys or a situation change If you notice that one of your home keys is missing, it is advisable that you schedule a lock change with your locksmith as soon as possible, as it could actually have been stolen.

Three Styles Of Shutters To Choose From For Your Home

You may be looking at many different types of improvements for your windows. This can include things like window treatments, replacements or adding film. You may want to consider a more conventional improvement, such as shutters. If you want to have shutters on your home, you have a choice between modern and traditional styles. Here are some of the different types of shutters you may want to consider having installed on your home:

Bed Bugs Be Gone!

Bed bugs are a nasty parasitic pest that can take residence in your home from seemingly out of the blue. But never fear, bed bugs can be eliminated, but you need to take the first steps in finding them and doing the right things to get them out. Read on to learn about bed begs and how to get rid of them. What are Bed Bugs? Bed bugs are very small, brown insects that typically first hide out in your mattress or box springs.

Got Old Car Tires? Upcycle Them With These 3 Creative Ideas

Whether you’ve just replaced the tires on your car, need to replace them because they’ve been damaged beyond adequate repair or have simply come across several damaged tires, there are many ways to put those old, damaged or undamaged tires to good use. There’s really no reason for them to head off to the dump or any other place when you can upcycle them at home. Here are three interesting and creative ideas for your old car tires:

Using Curtains, Drapes, And Valances To Change The Shape Of Your Windows

The shape of your windows can have a dramatic effect on whether a room feels well-proportioned or not. Unfortunately, if you have windows that don’t fit well with your rooms, it’s not so easy to change them. Choosing the right window treatment, however, is a much cheaper and easier way to change the effect your windows have. Whether it’s making windows seem bigger, smaller, shorter, or taller, the imaginative use of drapes, curtains, and valances is a great way to change up the interior of your home.

Need A New Grill? Why You Should Consider Paying Extra For An Egg Grill

If your grill has finally conked out and you are shopping for a new one, you will likely see odd looking grills that look like a large ceramic egg. These grills are commonly called infrared grills. It may be more expensive, but you still may want to shell out the extra bucks for one. Below are four reasons why. Cook Food Faster An infrared grill cooks food faster than a traditional grill.

9 Tips For Maintaining Your Drapes

When you hang your drapes, maintenance is a must. If you fail to maintain them, it could not only impact the drapes, but also the other furnishings in the room. Here are nine tips for helping you keep your drapes in top notch shape.  Shake your drapes nightly. During the day, dust settles on your drapes. Over the course of a few days, the dust builds up and becomes more difficult to remove.

Learn How To Restore A Wooden Coffee Table That Has A Dull And Damaged Surface

If your wooden coffee table has a dull appearance and is suffering from some minor damage, learn how to restore it to its original condition. Once you have finished, you will have a beautiful piece of furniture that you will be proud to display in your home.  Use The Following Materials lint free cloths towel mild detergent water bucket sponge emery cloth gel stain polyurethane paintbrush drop cloth epoxy putty plastic scraper wood cleaner Clean The Table

Fun In The Sun: Four Tips To Pet-Proof Your Carpet This Summer

As temperatures soar, you probably find that your house is a large revolving door—especially if you have pets. The dog wants in and out, the cat comes and goes, and the children can’t seem to make up their mind—everyone is constantly opening and closing the door. Pets, specifically, can make your home incredibly dirty with the in and out parade. Dirt, dust, and water can wreak havoc on your carpeting. Fortunately, you can prevent—or at least limit—the damage by being proactive.

Understanding The Basics Of Creating A Spring Garden

As seasons change and spring begin to arrive you may notice that your backyard area lacks a little color. Consider planting a garden with lots of spring colors to brighten up the exterior of your home. The following information provides some basic tips on creating a spring garden to fill your yard with a burst of color and lots of healthy blooms. Prepare Landscape Design Before beginning to work out in the yard, it may be beneficial to create a garden and landscape design.

Take Action In The Spring To Ensure A Better Apple Harvest In The Fall

Has your apple crop been less than ideal the last few years? Perhaps your apples have had worms in them, or maybe they had fungal spots that made them less than appealing to eat. The secret to a great apple harvest is to start taking great care of your trees as soon as spring hits. Focus on these three tasks, and you can count on more plentiful, delicious apples this summer.

How to Help Save a Dying Tree

Most people know how important it is to maintain their lawn’s health, but they don’t give a lot of thought to taking care of their trees. Because trees don’t get attention, it can be easy for them to fall in to poor health. It’s easy to assume that a dying tree can’t be saved. But there are some things you can do to help! Here’s a look at what to do to help a dying tree in your lawn.

Mixing Different Patio Furniture Styles To Create A Cohesive Look

When most people purchase patio furniture they look for a set. While there’s nothing wrong with decorating your outdoor space with a matching set, there’s no unspoken rule that states this is the only way you can do it. You can use a variety of different pieces and pull them all together to create one unique, but cohesive outdoor furniture design.  Establish a Theme The first thing you want to do is establish a theme.

How To Prevent Legal Issues When Installing A Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system on your property can be a great way to keep your grass and plants looking great. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in tricky legal situations because they didn’t do their homework before installing their systems. Luckily, following these tips will help you prevent these issues so that you can focus on enjoying the fruits of your investment. 1. Find Out if You Need a Building Permit

Five Gifts Your Boyfriend's Mom Will Love

Love her or hate her, chances are at some point in your relationship with her son, you are going to have to buy your boyfriend’s mother a gift. Moreover, that gift has to be perfect. The wrong gift may have a far-reaching affect, both on your relationship with her, and with your beau. No one has more influence over your special guy than his Mama does, so it is important to choose well.

Something Old, Something New: How To Spruce Up Wooden Antique Furniture

Whether you’re going to keep it or sell it to a furniture dealer, your present situation is the same: you’ve acquired some antique furniture. The problem is that your delightfully ancient wooden chair or table or desk is looking a little old. Before you can show it off or sell it, you need to make sure it’s back to its former glory. If you’re looking for a few quick tips and tricks towards making your ‘something old’ look like something new, then here’s what you need to know:

Create Birthstone Bouquets For A Gift To Mark A Milestone

Want to give a friend a special, handcrafted gift that you can make yourself affordably? Try creating a beautiful birthstone bouquet from a few fresh blooms from a florist like and some accents. The colors of your flowers should mimic the tones in the birthstone of the celebrant or celebration; for instance, those born in February are represented with a purple Amethyst stone, so purple irises and violets would be ideal flower choices.

Keeping Your Home Safe From Robbery

There are several ways you can help keep your home safe from being a victim of theft. If you own your own home, you know the importance of safeguarding your home from intruders and you will want to take the proper steps to deter them from wanting to try to gain entry. Here are some ways you can use to help keep your own home safe from burglary. Install A Security System

Taking An Old Desk And Making It Like New

If you have found an old desk at an estate sale or yard sale that you believe will look nice with a little fixing up, you may be able to do the job yourself with some household items and a little time. Refinishing is not a difficult task and often the results are striking. Here are some instructions for you to use to refinish your wooden desk to make it look revitalized and like new.

Helpful Steps When Dealing With Hearing Loss

In life, one of the most important senses is sound. You may be getting older, and unfortunately, your hearing may not be what it once was. Luckily, you can take these steps to help out with your hearing loss: Check for Built-Up Ear Wax When there is an excessive amount of ear wax in your ear canal, you hearing may be affected. Ear wax can slowly build up over the weeks, so it’s important to regularly clean out your ears.

Is Newspaper Really The Best Choice For Cleaning Windows?

If you’re a homeowner who’s trying to use more natural methods of cleaning, you’ve no doubt seen the advice to use something like vinegar and newspaper. This is a harmless and very helpful combination, but using newspaper to clean off the window can be an exercise in frustration. If you have the patience to use newspaper, you can end up with beautiful windows. But weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using newspaper to clean windows to see whether you should attempt to use it or something else.

How To Flush Out Your Lawn Sprinklers

Properly maintaining your home’s landscape requires paying attention to the small details. An important landscape maintenance task is to clean out your sprinkler system before you first use it early in the springtime. This is particularly vital if it has had very little use during the winter months. During periods of disuse, debris or silt in the water lines can collect in each nozzle under the screen, resulting in clogs that will cause your sprinkler system to malfunction.

Troubleshooting Your Refrigerator

When you have an appliance that isn’t working right, you might initially think that you have to pull out your wallet and buy a replacement. With an expensive item like a refrigerator, this kind of expenditure isn’t very appealing. However, every time you have a problem with your refrigerator doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. It’s frequently the case that you can either get your refrigerator working properly yourself by carrying out a few simple steps or by calling in a qualified technician.